Siebtes E-Market Update am 15. September 2020

Thema: Digitalisation of Taxi transport to manage the impact of COVID-19

Die UITP und die Messe Karlsruhe veranstalten regelmäßige E-Market Updates mit führenden Branchenanbietern, um die Branche in diesen herausfordernden Zeiten zu unterstützen.

Beschreibung des Inhalts des englischsprachigen Seminars:

The public transport industry has been impacted badly in the last 6 months due to the current pandemic.

The taxi and ride-hailing industry has faced a major impact due to lockdowns and travel restrictions in different cities. Yet at the same time, it has played a major role in providing mobility in cities.

There are a wide-range of responses from cities authorities to support the industry, but it is still not enough in many areas.

This E-Market update will cover the impact of crisis and how sector has responded. The taxi & ride-hailing will face many changes in the long term and may never recover.

Join key experts from authorities, operators, industry suppliers and associations who will share their perspective and way forward during this web-seminar.

Unsere Referenten:

  • Kevin Liu, VP (Sales & Marketing), Streamax Technology., Ltd
  • Joe Ma, Deputy General Manager, Shenzhen Bus Group
  • Lidia Signor, Combined Mobility Manager, UITP
  • Jaspal Singh, Senior Expert - IT & Development, UITP