Marketing that hits the mark

You too can actively contribute to the exhibition’s success. We’ll be happy to assist you!

Achieve more from the exhibition through accurately targeted communication! Spark visitors’ curiosity about your presence at the exhibition and take advantage of our advertising package, which includes, among other items,

for you to lay out in your business premises, distribute at your events and mail to your customers. Invite your customers to visit your stand!

Enhance your exhibition appearance

Address your exhibition visitors with attractive and effective onsite advertising. Draw attention to your company and products/services even beyond the boundaries of your stand!

Creative and comprehensive marketing activities

Our priority objective is to attract your target groups!

Therefore, we use a cross medial marketing strategy which includes specific direct marketing, web based campaigns, advertisements in all key trade media, comprehensive press activities, and networking with well known industry associations.

Informing the sector. Stimulating visitor interest. Targeting your audience. This is what we do to enhance your exhibition performance:

  • We generate attention for IT-TRANS by placing adverts in relevant sector media and online.
  • We reach your target groups by inserting IT-TRANS advertising materials in the top media of the public transport sector.
  • We send multiple direct mails to the international visitor data base of the KMK and the UITP as well as multiple email newsletters to interested parties.
  • We use our XING group and Twitter to be part of the social media network and inform your target groups about news.
  • We spread information about IT-TRANS on the industry meeting points, conferences and trade fairs.
  • We address your target groups by means of public relations. More than 20 press releases will be distributed to over 100 magazines worldwide.
  • We offer a variety of free printed products such as flyers, posters, stickers etc. for advertising your exhibition activities.
  • We offer our exhibitors attractive conditions for electronic guest tickets. Invite your customers to your stand!
  • Our online newsletters inform about the latest news of IT-TRANS including the products and services provided by our exhibitors.

We know every facet of the market! Utilise our potential!

Invite your customers with our guest tickets!

We offer our exhibitors guest tickets at a reduced fare for the Exhibition.

Any questions?

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Service for press (Messe Karlsruhe)
Bedriye Siringül
PR Manager
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