13 Nov 2023

(((etiCORE – The new standard for digital tickets

The new version of the German ticketing standard is ready to go: (((etiCORE is the latest generation of digital tickets and the common standard for German public transport.

(((etiCORE is published in English and is therefore also available to transport companies and manufacturers from non-German-speaking countries. At IT-TRANS from 14 to 16 May 2024, visitors will have the opportunity to find out all about the new standard both on site and in person at the booth of VDV eTicket Service.

The VDV eTicket Service has given the German public transport standard a major overhaul: The new version of the VDV core application, (((etiCORE, is now available in the VDV eTicket Service's ASM tool for transport companies and manufacturers. You can find the ASM tool here: https://asmtool.eticket-deutschland.de/

The renewal of the standard has become necessary due to new developments in IT security and the increasing use of smartphones. In addition to new protection mechanisms, a significant streamlining of the standard and the acceleration of issuing and control processes for eTickets, the language and the service for developers have also been updated: The VDV core application is available as a text-based specification in German only. (((etiCORE, on the other hand, was developed entirely in English and thus also offers international developers access to a standardised software model and development tools.

"The introduction of (((etiCORE is an outstanding milestone for the industry. In a European comparison, this really is the Champions League. With (((etiCORE, we have an open, interoperable, national ticketing standard that promises to securely and flexibly support future developments in mobility."

(((etiCORE, like the VDV core application, is an open standard that the industry actively helps to shape and is available to all manufacturers. With (((etiCORE, German public transport uses a common national digital infrastructure to issue and control secure tickets throughout Germany. In addition to chip cards and smartphones, it also allows for the integration of future technologies.

Today, more than 700 transport companies and associations - which equates to around 95% of all public transport companies - use the common standard and centralised systems of (((eTicket Deutschland.