All e-market updates available as recordings

The coronavirus poses new challenges to many sectors of the economy - but none is as severely affected as public transport. In order to support the industry in these challenging times, the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and Messe Karlsruhe organized a total of nine e-market update webinars with leading industry providers from May to November 2020, which met with an overwhelming response and great enthusiasm among the participants.

The webinars in English language dealt with the following wide-ranging topics:

  • COVID-19 - Innovative Instruments and Solutions for Optimizing Public Transport during a Pandemic
  • Innovative ticketing solutions to ensure business continuity
  • Leveraging big data and data analytics to achieve safe distancing
  • On-demand mobility solutions to keep cities up and running
  • Restarting Public Transport with Customer Service Excellence
  • Mobility-as-a-Service: Building a holistic mobility experience
  • Cabs and Ride-hailing in the Era of Coronavirus: Future Outlook
  • Building integrated planning & scheduling tools for authorities and operators
  • Autonomous mobility: Shifting towards better mobility

Interested parties can still register to get access to the recordings and summaries of the E-Market Update Webinars that have already taken place, thus shortening the time until IT-TRANS in December.

The rapidly increasing number of corona infections and the worldwide expansion of risk areas have prompted UITP and Messe Karlsruhe to hold IT-TRANS from 1 to 3 December 2020 as a purely digital trade fair and conference rather than as a live event on site. An interactive event community platform will enable the exchange of information and knowledge between all IT-TRANS participants.