Contactless EMV payment systems

Eurocard, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) form the basis for EMV debit and credit card payments, as used by Ridango of Estonia on public transport and presented at IT-TRANS.

In public transport, the retail-like Known Fare Transaction (or Model 1) payment method enables passengers to know the exact amount being charged at the moment they present their card or smartphone to the reader. A further development of this is the Mass Transit Transaction, or Model 2. In this case, all the transactions are aggregated into a single batch and processed at the end of the day. In this way, passengers always get the best price. Lastly, Model 3 means using a bank card to validate a pre-purchased ticket. The Ridango Ticket Payment System (TPS) supports all payment models. Contactless payments require a high level of security so the TPS system is fully PCI-DSS-certified.

Monet+ from the Czech Republic is also presenting a public transport EMV tokenization solution called Switchio. This system is ready to use, easy to implement and compatible with various types of payment terminal. The architecture provides maximum flexibility and allows multiple purchasers to be connected and purchasers to be changed without reprogramming the terminal application.