Eighth E-Market Update 6 October 2020

Topic: Building integrated planning & scheduling tools for authorities and operators

To help advance the sector during these challenging times, UITP and Messe Karlsruhe are running a series of regular E-Market Updates with leading industry suppliers creating innovative solutions.

Operation planning and scheduling always play an important role for the asset utilisation in the public transport industry. Operation planning is becoming more complex with scheduling algorithms, comprehensive costing capabilities and demand forecasting.

These systems will become vital for electric and autonomous vehicles, as it is highly important to have optimised use of assets and network planning. Further, these tools generate a more actionable set of data, which can be used to enhance the network coverage.

The role of robust planning and scheduling tools is more critical under the current circumstances, where authorities / operators are trying to balance so many parameters including low ridership, safe distancing, staff availability etc.

This E-Market Update will invite industry experts to share technology advancement and upcoming innovation by showcasing different case studies.

We will announce our speakers shortly.