Electronic ticketing machines for real-time insight

Ticketer supplies ticketing systems with Electronic Ticketing Machines (ETMs).

Ticketer ETM
The technology covers a wide range of payment options, including mTicketing, contactless smart cards, contactless EMV cards and Apple Pay and Google Pay. (Copyright: Ticketer)

Ticketer ETMs are always online, connected via a local data sim to a cloud-based back office which delivers real-time visibility of the entire operational performance, including ticket sales, real-time vehicle location and punctuality.

Its technology is applicable to operations of all sizes, offering a breadth of live travel information and different payment options, including mTicketing, contactless smartcards, contactless EMV cards as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

At IT-TRANS, Ticketer will be presenting its latest developments in fare collection technology.

The technology supplies a driver and passenger-friendly, multi-format onboard system including fleet management and real-time information capabilities. Ticketer’s cloud-hosted back office providing live views of ticket transactions, vehicle locations, schedule conformance and more.

The Ticketer's tap-off readers are covering, for A-B and zonal fare structures, leading Tap On / Tap Off EMV deployments.

The standalone ticket validator will also be presented at IT-TRANS. But Ticketer also has software on board: Kazoot, the mobile app that helps users promote public transport by giving passengers a centralized overview of all their services from a single location.