Exhibition and congress location Karlsruhe sees a ray of hope

The event industry in Baden-W├╝rttemberg had to wait a long time for a regulation on the organisation of trade fairs, exhibitions and congresses. Now it has been initiated by the state government and sets comprehensible guidelines for the event industry.

The Managing Director of Messe Karlsruhe, Britta Wirtz, announced: "We read the present Corona Regulation for trade fairs in such a way that the state government is hereby providing guidance in the form of concrete instructions for action. It can be seen that the formulated requirements are aimed at getting business going again." Many of the provisions of the Corona Ordinance for trade fairs will already be repealed at the end of August and are therefore to be revised at the beginning of September. Wirtz continues: "For us and the entire trade fair and congress industry, the regulation can thus be seen as a bridge into the autumn, which both we and our exhibitors and visitors urgently needed. We can assume that the formulated requirements will only be tightened up in justified cases. In positive cases, the regulation will provide scope for relief from September onwards. We are now approaching the responsible regulatory authorities with concepts tailored to the Corona Ordinance trade fairs and our safety and hygiene concepts, and are thus in a position to make progress with planning for our autumn event".

Concrete information on the implementation of IT-TRANS will follow soon.