22 Apr 2022

Explore the dream ticket to seamless passenger experience at IT-TRANS

Seamless mobility starts with free choice and safe ways of payment and ticketing.

Trusting Ticketing in MaaS

The first side-event of the week sets the right tone for the rest of IT-TRANS. The workshop joins forces of UITP and the Smart Ticketing Alliance (STA), who will invite a high-level panel of speakers to dive into the topic of MaaS. UITP and STA will also present results of the first paper launched by their joint Working Group Ticketing in MaaS.

9 May 15:00 – 17:30. You need to register separately for this session. Please register here.

Contactless and mobile ticketing: Transitioning to a new system

This Plenary session invites global experts in ticketing and payment to share key insights about the new trends in contactless ticketing.

Technological advancement has helped systems evolve dramatically over recent decades and ticketing has developed from the idea of a paper-based ticket to a complete contactless system. Transit companies are facing challenges to identify technologies which can meet future requirements, as contactless ticketing gains market traction.

10 May 10, 14:30 – 15:30

Ask the Expert: Everything you always wanted to know about open loop ticketing

Looking to combine lunching with learning? Join experts from the Urban Mobility Open Payments Forum at the UITP stand to ask them about all things open loop payment, accepting payment cards, account-based ticketing, and more.

The Urban Mobility Open Payment Forum is an initiative of UITP bringing together key players from across the public transport ecosystem, including operators, payment schemes and technology providers to help advance open loop payment in public transport.

Forum members, including Visa, American Express, Google Pay and various tech partners, will be happy to see you for a coffee and answer all your burning questions!

11 May, 13.00-14.00

Changing the landscape with Open Loop Payments

Public transport operators and authorities were already shifting towards contactless payment systems, but with the pandemic, this has now accelerated new adoptions in contactless, mobile ticketing and open loop systems. Open loop payment allows passengers using any payment card or app to pay for their journey without having to register in advance.

In this workshop, panelists from UITP’s Urban Mobility Open Payments Forum will highlight benefits and challenges of open loop payments along with lessons from different cities.

11 May 15.30 – 16.30

Building seamless mobility with MaaS

With the numbers of mobility offerings increasing in our cities, there is a new challenge to book and pay for different services. The new normal has changed the travel pattern for citizens, and there’s growing demand for an integrated application to search, plan and book different mobility services. MaaS is emerging as a big game changer for public transport sector, by taking away the hassle of finding the most suitable mobility option with one single digital mobility offer.

This Plenary session will bring experts from the around the world to share the innovation in MaaS and bring technology players to exhibit their solutions.

10 May 13:00 – 14:00