18 Nov 2020

Intuitive and digitally updated passenger information

Travellers expect to have all the information they need in real time, from departure times, connections and delays to information about stations, such as where to find lockers or food outlets. DB Systel, the IT subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, has developed a digital avatar called SEMMI. This uses AI technology to provide users with an interactive and contactless experience in natural language, and will be showcased at IT-TRANS for the first time. Alongside questions about Deutsche Bahn, SEMMI will provide visitors with information about other exhibitors and the conference programme, as well as the departure times of the shuttle service from the event in German and English.

UK company Papercast will use IT-TRANS to showcase its e-paper displays. It allows passenger information like vehicle capacity and occupancy, hygiene measures and route options to be shared in real time. GDS from Italy will also present its solar-powered e-paper displays. geo.zpheres is another end-to-end solution that manually or automatically generates and updates transport network maps to allow intuitive navigation for passengers. The geo.zpheres system can be shown on displays, websites and mobile apps.

Please note: The IT-TRANS exhibition 2020 will not take place as a live event in Karlsruhe. UITP and Messe Karlsruhe are transforming IT-TRANS to an interactive event community platform, where exhibitors will also be present.