Leveraging Big Data for Network Redesign

The HASTUS planning platform includes map-based network-design tools that enable planners to use big data to evaluate scenarios for network redesign and their impacts on passengers and costs.

GIRO Inc.’s modular HASTUSTM software solutions
GIRO Inc.’s modular HASTUSTM software solutions have been relied on by public transport organizations to optimize their scheduling and operations. (Copyright: GIRO)

In addition to the census data that most network-planning tools use, HASTUS leverages data on ridership, OD matrix (Origin-Destination), timetables, and on-time performance to offer valuable insights into how best to restructure networks to maximize ridership.

Crew-schedule digitalization for increased employee satisfaction

The tools in HASTUS for crew-schedule digitalization can help to increase employee satisfaction, reducing absenteeism and improving service quality.

Web-based, digitalized crew-scheduling provides public transport agencies the opportunity to give drivers a greater say in organizing their work schedules, taking their preferences into account while ensuring fairness and respecting regulatory requirements.