M.A.I.O.R. – Management, Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research

M.A.I.O.R. is working on designing and developing state-of-the-art solutions suiting the needs of transit agencies that operate bus, light rail, streetcar, and metro services.

Innovative solutions from M.A.I.O.R.
M.A.I.O.R. delivers powerful and innovative solutions adapted to customer needs. (Copyright: M.A.I.O.R.)

The portfolio of scheduling solutions includes solutions to perform timetables, vehicle duties, driver duties, rostering, and running times optimization, based on advanced algorithms and tools that help customers improve both their performance and services while maintaining their financial sustainability. The company is providing out-of-the-box as well as tailor-made solutions, that are powerful and innovative, so that customers are encouraged to achieve always better and smarter planning and scheduling decisions.