Smart software for automatic passenger counting

IRMA, the main product, is a passenger counting system.

The hardware has been re-developed and features increased storage and calculating performance, while retaining the robust and proven time-of-flight (TOF) technology. The increased resolution of 80,000 pixels generates more intuitive and easily discernable video images (HD /TOF image streaming). These can be transmitted and/or recorded in 3D or 2D image streaming form (video). To allow more flexible mounting positions, the counting sensor was fitted with an advanced technical feature in lighting technology, enabling even larger mounting heights.

A user-friendly web interface with an online connection allows direct access to the system using a browser. In the development of the sixth generation of IRMA sensors, iris not only intends to expand the options of the technology, but also aims to create an intuitive product which shortens and facilitates all work steps on all levels of use.