Taxi & Ride-hailing Conference and Exhibition goes Karlsruhe

After having already taken place in London and Dubai, the “Taxi & Ride-hailing Conference and Exhibition” will come to Karlsruhe in 2020. The event will take place in conjunction with IT-TRANS from March 3rd to 5th at Messe Karlsruhe.

The upcoming conference and exhibition is the only event worldwide that focuses on both taxis and ride-hailing, while also dealing comprehensively with challenges and solutions that will concern the industry in the future. Leading taxi experts and industry leaders from around the globe are invited to share their expertise and to exchange ideas with visitors. In addition to knowledge transfer via panel discussions and lectures, the exhibitors will present special taxi and ride-hailing solutions on an additional exhibition area at IT-TRANS. This will give the delegates ample opportunities to discover the latest developments and innovations in the industry, to deepen their specialized knowledge, and to learn about smart solutions.

The Taxi & Ride-hailing Conference and Exhibition optimally augments and occurs simultaneously with IT-TRANS, which is dedicated to intelligent solutions for public transport. Both industry meetings are jointly organized by the UITP (International Association for Public Transport) and Messe Karlsruhe.

Kaan Yildizgöz, Senior Director UITP
Kaan Yildizgöz, Senior Director UITP

“One of the biggest developments during the last five years, and change that has involved the taxi sector more than most, has been the emergence of ride-hailing companies. By holding the Taxi and Ride-Hailing Conference and Exhibition alongside IT-TRANS, it shows the important place taxi transportation and ride-hailing companies have in the discussion concerning the future direction of urban mobility. Held under the theme “Smart Personal Rides”, the event will be the only one of its kind to represent both the taxi and ride-hailing sectors. Working in partnership with Messe Karlsruhe, UITP will bring recognisable names to the stage as we share expertise with an international audience. I encourage everyone with a vested interest in the revolution of the taxi sector to join us in Karlsruhe next March.” Kaan Yildizgöz, Senior Director UITP & Author of the Book: Taxıs In the Era of Digitalisation.

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