TLS quality assurance system urbic®

The urbic® system from Dresden IT helps buses and trams to arrive at their stops reliably and on time.

Passengers on the bus
Buses and trains should arrive at their stops reliably and punctually, without long waiting times at signal systems. (Copyright: Dresden IT GmbH)

With urbic®, it is now possible to carry out daily evaluations of registration and deregistration telegrams at the push of a button, thanks to connection to the central network of TLS control units, instead of trying to carry out manual and cost-intensive analyses lasting several weeks.

Up to now, the enormous amounts of data in the controllers of modern TLS could not be effectively evaluated using decentralized, redundant master data storage. Particularly since the complex and tedious process does not provide any statistical certainty, as the data collected had long since become obsolete by the time of evaluation. urbic® unites all processes related to public transport and light signal systems.

The aim is to record all schedule deviations to show it all users.