Future Mobility Lab

Digitalisation is changing the world and offers unimagined opportunities – also for public transport. The Future Mobility Lab shows how new technologies can help improve the use of public transport.

  • In the near future, for example, INIT will support people with impaired hearing, sight or mobility with solutions for the use of public transport services, based on their individual needs.
  • E-mobility needs a solid electric supply. Stöhr shows how electric vehicles can be charged according to today's standards.
  • E-scooters shape the cityscape in many places. At IT-TRANS, VOI offers the opportunity to do a few rounds and test the driving experience yourself – without any oncoming traffic!
  • Dimoco shows how such microbility offers can be integrated into the multimodal landscape of a transport network with a use case especially prepared for IT-TRANS.

Experience how disabled people perceive public transport and how visually, hearing or mobility-impaired passengers receive support, based on their individual needs! Test the use of e-scooters up close in our SCOOTER EXPERIENCE and find out about the latest charging technologies for tomorrow's e-mobility!

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