AWAAIT presents system to automatically control fare evasion

The Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning system DETECTOR has been recognized by the UITP (International Association for Public Transport) and has received funding from the European Commission

The Barcelona-based software company AWAAIT will present its fare dodging control system DETECTOR at the IT-TRANS 2018 held in Karlsruhe from March 6th until March 8th. The UITP (International Association for Public Transport) recognized the system’s pioneering features in June 2015 by nominating it as one of the four global finalists for the Operational and Technical Excellence Award, whilst the European Commission has funded the project with a H2020-SME Instrument grant.

DETECTOR is an automatic real-time video analytics system that aims to tackle fare evasion on public transport. Via an Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning (AI-ML) set of algorithms that analyse video streams from cameras near ticket barriers, the system operates in real-time and provides very precise alerts to security staff. Ticket inspectors immediately receive images of fare dodging incidents via a mobile app, enabling them to react rapidly.

Consequently, checks on paying passengers are drastically reduced. There is less need for frequent mass ticket inspections to control fare dodging, which results in more efficient surveillance as well as an increase in trust and satisfaction of paying passengers. On the other hand, fare evasion reduction helps to improve public transport economic sustainability.

DETECTOR is the first successful attempt that combines artificial vision and mobile technologies to aid ticket inspectors to tackle tailgating and gate jumping. FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya), a regional and commuter train operator in Barcelona and development partner, reported a 70% drop in fare evasion during evaluation tests. Moreover, more than 1.2 million unnecessary individual ticket inspections to paying passengers were avoided since the beginning of the system’s deployment.

DETECTOR currently operates in four of the main FGC stations in Barcelona and is being deployed in a fifth one. A test in another European city has begun, marking the beginning of the system’s global expansion.

Visit AWAAIT at the dm-arena, Stand E26.

For more information contact:

Awaait Artificial Intelligence, S.L.

Av. Diagonal 601, 8ª Planta

08028 – Barcelona (Spain)

Tel.: +34 93 255 61 07 - Fax +34 93 255 61 09



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