Big Data – Empowering Public Transport 4.0

TransMoveo GmbH is the only provider focusing on big data throughout its line of products and services consistently thus keeping public transport future proof and competitive.

Big data allows for new views on public transport operator’s data and creates transparency in terms of information and costs.

Continuous recording of vehicle positions as well as of meta data (“which vehicle has been where and when”, quality assurance, schedule optimization), information on fuel consumption and routes driven (relevant for e-mobility applications) are only a few of the applications big data is being used for. In addition, big data provides insights that can be used to answer questions asked by controllers (“how much do we have to pay to provide certain transport services”).

All on-board vehicle systems can be used as data sources (i.e. AVL information, passenger counting data, vehicle can bus data (speed, temperatures, power consumption of on-board devices – especially interesting regarding electric vehicles)). Data will be recorded synchronously and transferred to backend systems. Depending on intended data usage data will be processed either in real time or be recorded on board of a vehicle and transferred to backend systems using block transfer.

Real time data processing is being used to allow for fast reaction in case of malfunctions and breakdowns to minimize impact and costs and to reduce downtime. Additionally, service intervals are easier to schedule depending on needs. Real time data also is being provided to feed passenger information systems.

With TransMoveo managers are flexible in terms of time and space: Relevant information is provided in real time and can be obtained using desk top systems or mobile devices.

All data is kept on server systems and can be processed, e.g. to generate reports regarding quality of services, schedule optimization and, of course, for further data analysis.

Visit transmoveo at IT-TRANS in the dm-arena, Stand C23.

For more information:

TransMoveo GmbH, Rotrehre 21, 31542 Bad Nenndorf, Germany

Telephone +49 5723 91988-0, E-Mail: press@transmoveo.de


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