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Connectivity in public transport

NetModule, a communications specialist based in Bern, Switzerland presents innovative routers for the networked public transport, enabling applications such as ticketing, passenger information, condition monitoring, video surveillance and passenger wifi.

NB2800/NB2810 router
The powerful NB2800/NB2810 routers are designed for use in buses where they enable data-intensive applications such as passenger wifi, passenger infotainment, driver communication, status monitoring and live vehicle tracking. (Copyright: Netmodule)

The NetModule NB2810 MediaVehicle is a further development of the NB2800 wireless router, optimized for use in ITxPT applications. The NetModule Switch NS3300 in combination with vehicle or train routers enables a redundant IP backbone to be established in accordance with EN13149 or ITxPT for passenger wifi and video surveillance infrastructures. The OEM version of the NG800 automotive IoT platform offers robust communication between on-board vehicle equipment and cloud applications.

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