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Enabling Practical Mobility as a Service (MaaS)- The Justride SDK

The Justride SDK enables urban mobility providers to integrate Masabi's ticket platform into their applications.

The Justride SDK is allowing urban mobility providers, such as journey planners, white label MaaS apps, and bike and ride sharing services to integrate Masabi’s market leading mobile ticketing platform into their applications, connecting services together for a seamless user experience. The Justride SDK making it easier and more convenient to incorporate mobile ticketing for public transport into white label or existing apps that passengers already use on a regular basis, providing services such as ride hailing, journey planning, scooters and e-bikes combined with mobile ticketing, all within the same app

Since Uber Transit (journey planning) launched, the collaboration involving RTD, Uber and using Masabi’s Justride SDK is the first to offer real-time transit information and ticketing within the Uber app.

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