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New systems for new standards

New solutions and the standardization of interfaces promise simple ‘plug-and-play’ integration. Luminator Technology Group will be presenting its latest solutions that bring intelligence, safety and efficiency during IT-TRANS.

Ensures efficient and smooth exchange of traffic data: Luminator’s data management system. (Credit: Luminator Technology Group)
Ensures efficient and smooth exchange of traffic data: Luminator’s data management system. (Credit: Luminator Technology Group)

Luminator Technology Group (Luminator), manufacturer of passenger information systems, video security systems and lighting solutions, offers a comprehensive worldwide portfolio of intelligent system solutions for public transportation. At IT-TRANS 2020 Luminator will be demonstrating how these systems help bus and rail operators to cope with the sharply rising level of networking in information technology, and to cater for their growing demands for information and safety, accompanied by the need for upto-the minute accuracy. Exhibits will include, for example, full-IP passenger information systems following ITxPT standards, high-resolution LED destination displays, stationary realtime displays with e-paper technology or full-IP video security solutions with cameras, recorder and driver monitor with a direct link to the back-office via router and antenna.

Luminator has developed a data management system specifically for the efficient and smooth exchange of transportation data. It integrates various protocols and services in the public transportation sector and enables data to be exchanged between different operators. In addition, this data hub can be used to control access rights and compile traffic data for transferring to country-wide data hubs.

In the lecture on “IT Standardization in Public Transport: Blessing or Curse?” at 10:30 am on Thursday, 5 March in Market Update A Reinhard Laing, EMEA Director of Engineering and Project Management, will explain how Luminator is using public standards to facilitate the interoperability of on-board, wayside and back-office IT systems, increasing profitability and reducing friction.

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