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Public transport 4.0 – Tablet board computer with ticketing

With its modular System, TeleMATRIK offers a complete hardware and software solution for modern public transport.

The graphical planning software PlanMATRIK manages network data, driving and duty schedules in a networked data model to get a clear timetable planning. Moreover, a dispositon program got worked out to arrange the daily scheduled services including a clear presentation of the daily and weekly rest time and a clean driver`s account for recording working and vacation time and illness. BusMATRIK, a tablet on-board system supports the driver with all positioning and communication functions. It delivers the current position within a course of the journey with a permanently calculating timetable and pinpointed connection information. With its smart ITCS system, called ActionMATRIK, the TeleMatrik PTS GmbH forms all driving schedules to present the current operating status with second-exact arrival and departure times for each stop. Furthermore, they supply a passenger information system- InfoMATRIK, which processes the departure information for the web.

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