31 Mar 2022

IT-TRANS 2022: A platform for pioneering start-ups from around the world

Start-up presentations to showcase the future of mobility

Karlsruhe/Brussels, 31.03.2022 – IT-TRANS has always given special support to young businesses, and for good reason. “Start-ups are a powerful driver of growth, competition and especially innovations”, says Jochen Georg, project manager for IT-TRANS. “That is why it is so important to offer newcomers a platform on which they can present their solutions. This helps both their own development and that of the sector as a whole.” The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action is supporting German start-ups’ participation in IT-TRANS through a dedicated programme that helps young, innovative companies take part in trade fairs. These businesses will present their new ideas and pioneering approaches in a variety of formats in the START-UP ZONE. They will be joined by start-ups from outside Germany who can participate at similar conditions. Visitors who want to learn more about these companies will be able to do so in a series of pitches, start-up speed dating sessions or individual presentations. They can also pose questions in the open exhibition area. More information on the individual programme items can be found here: https://www.it-trans.org/en/exhibition/exhibition-programme/

IT-TRANS, the international conference and exhibition for intelligent solutions in public transport, will take place from 10 to 12 May 2022 at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre.

VEOMO Mobility: Mobility where it is needed

VEOMO Mobility
VEOMO Mobility

One of these newcomers is the Munich-based tech start-up VEOMO Mobility GmbH, which specialises in analysing multimodal mobility data. Founded in 2018, the company has become the largest aggregator of real-time mobility data in Germany. It focuses on property development based on future mobility needs. This safeguards the attractiveness of the properties over the long term, increases user satisfaction and supports sustainable mobility. Whether they are used as residential buildings, workplaces or general meeting points, VEOMO strives to make properties fit for the mobility needs of the future, as people travel from their home to the office and back via the restaurant. This encourages sustainable mobility behaviour, reduces the need for car parking spaces and helps make life less stressful for commuters. The principle behind the system is to provide mobility data where it is really needed: in the buildings themselves. It uses large monitors to deliver real-time information about available mobility services. The data can be shown on digital display boards, smart home screens in apartments, or right on the user’s smart phone via building apps. Alongside public transport companies, the system integrates providers of sharing vehicles, taxi services and individual mobility services upon request. Visitors to the trade fair who would like to learn more about VEOMO can do so in the start-up speed dating session from 1 pm on 10 May 2022. Managing Director Dominik Nouri will also deliver a presentation at 10:25 am on 11 May in the START-UP ZONE entitled “Rethink passenger information systems”. “The mobility sector is undergoing a revolution”, says the young entrepreneur. “For us as a start-up in the industry, IT-TRANS is the perfect platform to present our software and bring fresh impetus.”

Corporate carpooling with goFLUX


Sustainable mobility saves money for both employers and employees alike. This is particularly true of commuters who travel to and from work every day by car. The start-up goFLUX from Cologne offers a practical solution that can help them reduce both costs and emissions. It offers a free and user-friendly carsharing app aimed primarily at corporate carpooling. Users simply enter the starting point and destination. The app then automatically suggests the best routes and brings drivers and passengers together via a navigation system. This makes it possible to not just plan journeys, but also offer them spontaneously and directly at the click of a button. The app even processes cost sharing. goFlux therefore makes a big contribution to reducing traffic and emissions in urban areas. In addition, the app supports public transport companies in areas where bus and train service coverage is lacking. goFLUX CEO Wolfram Uerlich will deliver a presentation entitled “How to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through carpooling” on 10 May 2022 at 4:05 pm in the START-UP ZONE.

EYYES: “We make machines see”

Under the slogan “We make machines see”, the Austrian start-up EYYES develops modular, scalable and intelligent safe artificial intelligence products that aim to increase safety in mobility and improve quality in manufacturing. The company’s applications use AI to recognise objects, enabling precise hazard assessments in complex situations. They can also detect and classify persons, objects and products, thus increasing safety in transport and mobility.

Detailed information on the comprehensive start-up presentations programme at IT-TRANS 2022 can be found at: https://www.it-trans.org/en/exhibition/exhibition-programme/

More information about IT-TRANS: www.it-trans.org, www.twitter.com/it_trans and https://www.facebook.com/ittrans.org/

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