Exhibitor Presentations - Exhibition Networking Programme IT-TRANS 2020

Attend the IT-TRANS Exhibition Networking Programme from 1 - 3 December 2020 - now online.

You will discover, experience and discuss the latest technological innovations for public transport first-hand at this virtual event. Interesting lectures exclusively digital and an interactive event-community platform will enable the exchange of information and knowledge of all IT-TRANS players.

Market Update Forums are dedicated online sections where IT-TRANS exhibitors will share their experiences and present their products and services online. Start up presentations will also be part of the digital programme.

To take part in the virtual IT-TRANS 2020 you need a ticket. You will then receive a link via the platform talque to register as a participant.

During IT-TRANS 2020, if you have any further questions or need help, please contact talque@it-trans.org

Here you will find the schedule for the Exhibition Networking Programme 2020 - now online: