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Visit the Start-up Zone online and learn more about the latest technological innovations and meet young mobility innovators. The start-ups in the digital IT-TRANS 2020 will take part in the Exhibitor Presentations - Exhibition Networking Programme and come from all segments of the industry. They include IT companies, mobility service providers, equipment manufacturers and developers.

Start-ups will be showcasing their products on a communal space – the Start-up Zone – online at IT-TRANS 2020. The start-ups come from China, Israel, Japan, Canada, Russia and the USA, as well as from Germany and other European countries.

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Start-ups as mobility innovators

Urban mobility systems are at a tipping point. Tech-driven start-ups have become a new vehicle for innovation. While disruption is often associated with new business models and opportunities, nothing guarantees the unfolding urban mobility system will serve overarching societal goals. New innovations trigger progress in unpredictable environments, producing deliverables that are immediately tested by users who automatically become contributors. We will examine how public transport authorities and operators collaborate with new players to lead the urban mobility systems of the future to a sustainable path.

Future Mobility Award

For the first time, a prize was awarded to start-ups on the occasion of IT-TRANS: The Future Mobility Award honours sustainable mobility solutions for public transport. The prize is awarded by the trade journal Nahverkehrs-praxis, the Automotive Engineering Network and the Messe Karlsruhe. A jury of experts made up of representatives from industry and local authorities evaluates the submissions.

Among numerous innovative projects and ideas, the jury of the Future Mobility Award 2020 has selected the five most innovative start-ups. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the start-up pitch could not take place as originally planned within the framework of IT-TRANS 2020 in Karlsruhe. Further information can be found at