Market Update Forums

Market Update Forums at IT-TRANS

The Market Update Forums, Market Update A and Market Update B, are dedicated areas on the exhibition floor where exhibitors share their experience and present solutions that have successfully been implemented in cities and regions around the globe. Benefit from real lessons learned!

Numerous speakers from exhibiting companies will be sharing their visions and experiences. Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), seamless mobility, data analyses, mobile ticketing and integrated planning tools for transport companies are just some of the topics that will be planned in the Market Update forums.

Application for Lecture Registration during Market Update Forums

The Market Update Forums have been created in order to ensure interaction between the IT-TRANS conference programme and the exhibition.
These sessions offer exhibiting companies and institutions the opportunity to present latest innovations and products. IT-TRANS conference delegates and exhibition visitors thus have the unique possibility to learn more about recent technological innovations and business development opportunities. The Market Update Forums are centrally located on the exhibition floor.

Every exhibitor may apply for one presentation slot before 16 October 2020. After this deadline, the selection process will commence.

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