Future Mobility Award 2021 presented

The start-up cogniBIT from Munich is the winner of the Future Mobility Award 2021. The winner was announced at a ceremony during the 4th Regional Conference Mobilitätswende on 7 July 2021.

Steffen Bilger (l.) and Dr. Frank Mentrup present the prize of the
Steffen Bilger (l.) and Dr. Frank Mentrup present the prize of the "Future Mobility Award 2021" to Dr. Isabelle Garzorz of the start-up cogniBIT at the hybrid regional conference Mobilitätswende. Above left, h-aero, an electric airplane from the Baden-Baden start-up HybridAirplane, hovers. (Source: TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe GmbH)

This is the second time that sustainable mobility solutions have been honored with this award. The jury of the Future Mobility Award also recognized the start-up Routago with a unique sponsorship award for their contribution to tackling a mobility-relevant social challenge. Dr. Frank Mentrup, Lord Mayor of the City of Karlsruhe, and Steffen Bilger, MdB, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, presented the trophy and a check for 5,000 euros at the virtual regional conference Mobility Turnaround.

cogniBIT ("Cognition and behavior in traffic") awarded

(from left) Alexander Knorr, Dr. Isabelle Garzorz and Dr. Lukas Brostek are the founders of cogniBIT. (Source: cogniBIT GmbH)
(from left) Alexander Knorr, Dr. Isabelle Garzorz and Dr. Lukas Brostek are the founders of cogniBIT. (Source: cogniBIT GmbH)

cogniBIT enables manufacturers of autonomous vehicles to test the safe interaction of their vehicles with human road users efficiently and safely in simulation. To this end, the young tech startup develops algorithms that realistically simulate the behavior of people in traffic (e.g., drivers, cyclists or pedestrians). The simulation models of cogniBIT are based on neuroscientific and sensorimotor research results as well as artificial intelligence methods. In particular, the focus is on the characteristic properties and limitations of human behavior, such as a limited field of vision, variable attention and reaction times. This allows critical traffic situations, such as accidents or near-accidents, which are particularly important for the development of safe autonomous vehicles, to be simulated and analyzed under realistic conditions.

Intelligent and sustainable mobility solutions in demand

The award was presented by AEN - Automotive Engineering Network, Messe Karlsruhe, the trade journal Nahverkehrs-praxis and the City of Karlsruhe Economic Development Agency. The submitted projects were evaluated by a jury of experts with business and scientific backgrounds. In the end, cogniBIT was the winner: "We at cogniBIT are extremely pleased about this award, which gives us a great motivational boost to continue working on our contribution to the safety of autonomous vehicle technologies. Especially public transport and our urban life will benefit enormously from autonomous technology. cogniBIT's vision is to drive efficient, safe and environmentally friendly mobility of the future. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the organizers and sponsors of the Future Mobility Award once again for their great support," said Dr. Isabelle Garzorz of the award-winning start-up, which was connected via livestream. The initiators had come up with a special handover for the award ceremony: The helium aircraft h-aero of Hybrid-Airplane Technologies, a start-up from Baden-Baden, transported the envelope with the winner's name to the laudator Dr. Mentrup.

Mobility as a prerequisite for social participation

The winner of the award Routago is a start-up company from Karlsruhe and research partner of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). With Routago Assist, the start-up offers a worldwide safe pedestrian navigation to support blind and visually impaired people on their journeys. The unique pedestrian navigation determines routes specifically for pedestrians and thus differs significantly from other common navigation systems whose focus is on the road network for cars. Details about the award and the finalists can be found at www.future-mobility-award.de.

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