IT-TRANS E-Market Update: Continuation of web seminar series

BeeSonix is the winner of the first Future Mobility Award

UITP and Messe Karlsruhe established a series of regular E-Market Updates with leading industry suppliers developing innovative solutions for future urban mobility. On 12 May the first web seminar on the topic "COVID-19 – Innovative Instruments and Solutions for Optimizing Public Transport during a Pandemic" was successfully held.

Pratik Patil from Match Rider attended the first web seminar
Pratik Patil from Match Rider attended the first web seminar

More than 145 interested public transport experts from 36 countries attended the digital event. Afterwards a lively discussion took place. “The topic of the web seminar was very well suited given the current situation worldwide. It was a great opportunity to hear what the mobility experts’ perspectives are regarding public transport during COVID-19. Looking forward to attend more of such informative E-Market Updates”, says Pratik Patil from Match Rider UG, who attended the web seminar.

“We were overwhelmed by the great feedback for our first web seminar. We are glad that we can help advance the sector during these challenging times and give a forecast on our IT-TRANS which will take place from 1 to 3 December in Karlsruhe”, says Jochen Georg, project manager of IT-TRANS. Due to the high participation, further E-Market Updates are already being planned. Participants will again have the opportunity to ask questions. They need to register prior to the web seminar.

  • 2. E-Market Update: Tuesday, 9 June 2020: Innovative ticketing solutions to ensure business continuity

The coronavirus outbreak has had a major impact on our lives. The public transport sector has been affected very badly owing to 80-90% decline in ridership across all cities. Furthermore, many cities were forced to completely shut down their ticketing systems as they were not provided with contactless features. Thus, the revenues of many operators were virtually zero. This crisis highlights the need for new innovative ticketing solutions to enable public transport operators to restart their services and collect fares. This web seminar tries to bring together some of the innovative ticketing solutions for public transport actors.

  • 3. E-Market Update: Tuesday, 30 June 2020: Leveraging big data and data analytics to achieve safe distancing

Public transport operators are facing a double challenge after the coronavirus outbreak. On the one hand, they are facing the challenge of declining ridership and on the other hand, they need to maintain the service level to ensure social distancing in the vehicles. Different operators are using different technologies including weighing sensors, QR codes, video cameras etc. to ensure equal distribution of crowds at stations and on trains. This web seminar will highlight the role of big data and data analytics to manage schedules, predict demand patterns and analyse different sensors. The speakers of the third seminar will be announced as soon as possible.

Future Mobility Award for start-ups handed

Winner of the Future Mobility Award 2020 is the start-up company BeeSonix from Berlin, which was announced at the virtual award ceremony on 19 May 2020. For the first time, the award honours young companies and their concepts for sustainable mobility solutions for public transport.

The initiators of the award are the German trade journal Nahverkehrs-praxis, the Automotive Engineering Network aen, Messe Karlsruhe and the Economic Development Department of the City of Karlsruhe. "With the award, we would like to offer innovative ideas a platform at IT-TRANS, so that they become visible and receive the attention they deserve," says Britta Wirtz, Managing Director of Messe Karlsruhe.

While waiting on the platform, relevant information appears on passengers' smartphones as if by magic. The founders of the start-up company BeeSonix, which enables ultrasonic communication between journey announcements and travellers’ mobile terminals, implemented this. Keyword "silent announcements": The visionaries of BeeSonix use sound files that contain sounds in the ultrasonic range. In this way, the usual announcements are used to convey additional information with added value. Therefore, travel information can be played out precisely, stops and vehicles take the next digital step, without the need for new hardware. Details about the award and the other finalists can be found at www.future-mobility-award.de.

At IT-TRANS (1 – 3 December 2020, Messe Karlsruhe) all five finalists – BeeSonix, Matchrider, Operibus, Rydies and Twaice – will then have the chance to present themselves to an international audience of experts.

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