Technical support for video calls when using talque

The virtual IT-TRANS / Taxi & Ride-hailing 2020 is implemented with the interactive event-community platform talque.

We would like to give you some important information about using Video calls in the talque platform. This is relevant for having 1:1 meetings and participating at the After Fair.

talque uses Jitsi for video calls

On desktop talque works best with the latest version of Google Chrome or Edge Chromium. The latest versions of Safari and Firefox are supported as well. Internet Explorer is not supported anymore. Instead you can also use the talque Mobile App on iOS or Android.

Test Link for Jitsi

Here comes a test link with which you are able to directly test if Jitsi will work with your device/firewall configuration. Just click the link and enter a room name. Then you are able to test this link together with your colleagues:

If you are using a company device, sometimes your local IT department has created a Firewall or Port blocking. There also might be problems using VPN if not properly configured.

Possible solutions to problems

In the case that you encounter problems there are several solution strategies:

  1. Ask you IT department to open the following ports
    To use the integrated video calls you also need to open the following ports:
    • TCP-Anschl├╝sse 80, 443
    • TCP + UDP-Ports 10000-20000
    and whitelist the following domains:
    * (or the ASN AS16509)
  2. Disable VPN
  3. Use a Mobile device or private laptop/desktop/network

If none of the above approaches contribute to a solution, please contact us by e-mail:

We are looking forward to see you on IT-TRANS / Taxi & Ride-hailing 2020.