Call for Papers

The Call for Papers allows you the opportunity to submit your suggestions for presentations that you have expertise on, and would contribute to an interesting discussion at the conference.

The key themes of the event are as follows:

Data and the API Economy

The API Economy is becoming a reality for public transport thanks to the exponential increase in data. This opens up possibilities for the entire running of public transport from operations and maintenance to, most importantly, the possibility to focus on customer experience. But restructuring around APIs and opening them up for developers requires a different mind-set, whereby for example the customer journey is redefined through APIs rather than traditional touch points. This implies a massive cultural change in the public transport industry. Public transport professionals need to get a grip on this, and IT-TRANS is the place to get up to speed.

Customer Relations

The expectations of our increasingly digitised customers, who are seeking a seamless experience, are driving us to rethink the services we offer from the perspective of the customer. The possibilities opening up by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer customers targeted products and Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance the user experience are truly pioneering. Subsequently, the increasing volumes of useful and useable data on and from our customers is changing how we manage customer relations. These topics will be key at IT-TRANS.

Enabling New Mobility Services and Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

New mobility trends are all largely possible thanks to developments in IT: from on-demand mobility to MaaS and the autonomous vehicles, the technology is moving fast. Along with getting an insight into current developments, IT-TRANS will ponder issues of governance and strategy about how such trends and services are integrated into traditional public transport companies.

Ticketing and Payment

There is no doubt that Account Based Ticketing (ABT) is the future. It offers a flexibility which can respond to modern travellers’ needs, allows integration with other systems and services and can work with a variety of payment methods such as mobile, EMV and more. However, migrating to ABT is a complex process. IT-TRANS will seek to clarify the issues involved, allowing attendees to make the right choices in their journey to ABT.

Operations and Maintenance

Digitalisation is also impacting the daily operations and maintenance of our traditional public transport services. Improved efficiency and condition-based maintenance are some of the clear advantages of a more digitised approach. Predictive maintenance in particular has seen a recent spurt of pilots and trials which IT-TRANS will explore for lessons learned and key takeaways.

Cyber Security

In November 2016, San Francisco’s Muni ticketing system was hit by a ransomware attack. In May 2017 Deutsche Bahn was among the thousands of companies affected by the WannaCry ransomware. Until now malicious cyber-attacks on public transport have been few and far between, however as public transport networks become increasingly digitised and reliant on IT, IT-TRANS will address how to protect systems from cyber threats.

The sessions are as follows:

  • Drivers and enablers of digitalisation of public transport
  • Operations, maintenance, asset management
  • Smart ticketing
  • Account-based ticketing
  • Impact of digitalisation on human resources
  • Open source and open systems
  • The evolving relationship with the connected customer
  • Transport as a Service (TaaS): governance and contracting
  • Making the most out of data (workshop)
  • API Economy
  • Investing in assets infrastructure in the digital age
  • Public transport and the autonomous vehicles
  • Cyber security
  • Enabling new mobility and services and MaaS

Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Submit your suggestions for presentations that you have expertise on, and would contribute to an interesting discussion at the conference.

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