Exhibition Categories

Travel information

Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) | On-board passenger information systems | Urban navigation/navigation tools | Hand-held devices and mobile phones | Intermodal Transport Control Systems (ITCS)

Integrated fare management

Fare payment | Electronic payment systems (e-ticketing) | Integrated fare collection systems | Revenue collection systems | Revenue control | Card distribution and vending | Ticket dispensing systems | Data communication | Information management | Access control | Passenger counting

Smart cards

RFID smart paper labels | Contactless paper tickets and labels | Contact/contactless multi-application cards

Card and commercial services

Central system hosting and operations | Financial clearing and settlement | Card fulfillment, distribution, and marketing

Software/software development

Database technologies | Simulation software | Management tools | Project management software | Timetable and staff planning | Planning/scheduling systems | Training and education programs (CBT) | IT in human resources

Traffic management/intelligent traffic

Traffic data determination | Centralized and remote traffic control | Traffic signal priority systems

Fleet and vehicle management

Vehicle tracking | Bus operator fleet management

Security and safety systems

Video surveillance (CCTV) | Passenger alarm systems | Intelligent sensing and recording | Scanning and trace detection (explosives and narcotics detection technologies) | Fire detection | Access control/barrier control

Data protection and privacy

Communication technologies

Infotainment systems

Mobile applications | Multimedia solutions | Advertising technologies | Advertising brokers and content providers | Advertising in stations and bus shelters

Customer services

Call centre technologies and providers | Communication network management | Multimedia/internet services

City bikes/car sharing

Car-sharing solutions | Bike-sharing and cycling solutions | IT and technology solutions | Ride-sharing | Shared taxi

Review of IT-TRANS 2016

Review of IT-TRANS 2016

IT-TRANS 2016 ends with Record Figures! Here you will find the review of this successful event.

Review of IT-TRANS 2016
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Exhibitor Registration

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