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IT-TRANS – International Conference and Exhibition

Now another fantastic IT-TRANS has drawn to a close, we would like to thank all exhibitors, attendees, delegates, speakers and partners!

Make sure you join us at the next IT-TRANS to help shape the future of mobility: The leading international exhibition and conference for digitalisation in public transport will be back from 3 to 5 March 2026.

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IT-TRANS is a unique platform for experts, transport companies and industry leaders to discuss the latest developments relating to digital challenges in public transport. Discover innovative products and services from leading companies in the industry at IT-TRANS. From Artificial Intelligence, payment and ticketing to cybersecurity and data standards, IT-TRANS will showcase all the topics that are shaping the future of mobility. Be part of this pioneering exhibition and play an active role in making public mobility even more efficient, resource-friendly and attractive!



MARCH 3 - 5, 2026

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Closing Statement

IT-TRANS 2024 proves its worth as a global showcase for future mobility solutions

With maximum customer satisfaction and international appeal, go-ahead already given for 2026 edition. Consistently positive feedback from both exhibitors and attendees from all over the world made IT-TRANS 2024...

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Key topics of the IT-Trans

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly growing in development – and within public transport management, enhancing services, and optimising operations and maintenance, the conversation continues. What are the implications for the sector when it comes to the growth of AI? And what do these developments mean for operators, industries, authorities, and new mobility services?

At IT-TRANS you can expect discussions on:

  • AI at the service of urban public transport
  • The impact on staff and the labour market
  • Asset management
  • Maintenance
  • Energy efficiency

Payment and Ticketing

As new mobility patterns and business models appear, the need for ticketing and payment systems to be flexible, open and interoperable is vital. Authorities and operators face the challenge of understanding how new technologies can be integrated into existing systems and infrastructures - and expanded into new mobility services to best meet future market demand

At IT-TRANS you can expect discussions on:

  • MaaS integration and customer centricity
  • Changing fare models and policies
  • National integrated ticketing schemes
  • Data sharing
  • Standards in ticketing Sustainability in ticketing


As transportation systems rely more on digital technologies, they become susceptible to cyberattacks and the risk to sensitive data, disrupted services and when it comes to OT systems, an impact on safety. Strong cybersecurity safeguards not only protects commuters, critical infrastructure and systems, they help the sector to grow in the crucial area of public and stakeholder trust

At IT-TRANS you can expect discussions on:

  • Network security and resilience
  • Cyber impact on safety
  • IT and OT integration
  • The human factor
  • Safeguarding electric buses

Data standards and governance

Interoperability and data exchange are enablers for a seamless door-to-door travel ecosystem that covers all mobility services. Common data exchange standards are key to facilitate the integration of different mobility options and creating a trusted mobility governance where different actors cooperate. Data standards will make it easier for public transport providers to meet the ever-changing mobility demand of travellers.

At IT-TRANS you can expect discussions on:

  • Public transport data models
  • Successful data exchange standards implementation cases
  • Public transport travel information and journey planning
  • MaaS
  • Data harmonisation
  • Latest mobility data policy and governance initiatives in Europe

Digital Transformation

Following the global pandemic, there are changes in passenger expectations and travel patterns, presenting a significant challenge to organisations in how they integrate digital services and optimise operations. Digital transformation, by using new technology and data, is a key enabler to addressing market demands, change business processes, and to improve services. The public transport sector needs to adapt to this growing transformation.

Did you know?

Digital transformation is not a one-time exercise, but a continuous adaptation to changing technological capabilities, markets, and customer demands (KU Leuven, Belgium, 2022. Best practices for digital transformation based on systematic literature review)

At IT-TRANS you can expect discussions on:

  • Operational excellence
  • Digitalisation capabilities and skills
  • Optimisation of e-fleet operation and energy management
  • Data driven operations and maintenance
  • Greener cities and lower emissions
  • Cost savings and efficiency

Connectivity, 5G and telecommunications

5G technology is revolutionising public transport by elevating the passenger experience with improved connectivity and minimal latency. It has the potential to transform the sector by enabling operators to optimise operations, including the implementation of dynamic planning and predictive maintenance. With new developments, there is great potential for connected and automated mobility solutions to advance.

At IT-TRANS you can expect discussions on:

  • 5G deployment in public transport
  • Smart connectivity and V2X communication
  • 5G for smart maintenance
  • Path to 6G technology
  • Mitigating spectrum fragmentation and governance

Shared mobility and MaaS

With a growing number of solutions, from shared bikes to flexible transport solutions, the shared mobility has brought attractive options to citizens and emerged as a game changer for the sector. Dizzy from too many choices? To help you navigate, MaaS promises to take away the hassle of finding and accessing the most suitable mobility option.

At IT-TRANS you can expect discussions on:

  • Latest innovations in Shared Mobility and MaaS
  • Multimodal digital and physical infrastructures
  • Passenger experience and customer-centric design
  • Inclusion and accessibility
  • Usability of applications

Autonomous Mobility

Automation presents opportunities for public transport, but the integration of autonomous vehicles (AVs) into the mobility system requires collaboration on technical objectives. What are the best practices worldwide for integrating AVs into the public transport system? How do you best orchestrate fleets in an efficient and sustainable way?

At IT-TRANS you can expect discussions on:

  • Operation and technology best practices for AV deployments
  • Fleet orchestration: Integration of automated & autonomous mobility solutions in the whole public transport ecosystem
  • Data sharing and security, public-private collaboration for harmonisation of data exchange

Exhibition visitors

Around 6500 guests from all seven continents visited this year's IT-TRANS. In addition, nearly all visitors rated the exhibitors' presentations as good to excellent.


International leaders and speakers during the three-day conference.


International exhibitors from 30+ countries



What our visitors think about us.


Anna Bergstedt, Marketing Manager, Axentia

"Axentia has participated at every IT-TRANS. At IT-TRANS we get the opportunity to meet our existing and potential customers , show our extensive and innovative product range in low-powered battery-operated real-time information displays for public transport."


Dr. Frank Mentrup, Lord Mayor of the City of Karlsruhe

"Karlsruhe has always been a pioneer in mobility issues. Today, this means a strong commitment to shaping the mobility of the future. We have a unique ecosystem that brings together science, universities, industry, politics and a forward-looking public transport provider. The innovative strength of the Karlsruhe mobility cluster has made a name for itself in public transportation. One example of this is Karlsruhe's unique innovation partnership with UITP, the Brussels-based International Association of Public Transport."

International conference and exhibition for intelligent solutions in passenger transportation

Meet leading decision-makers and experts from across the public transport sector at IT-TRANS from March 3-5, 2026. Explore important topics such as AI, autonomous mobility, cybersecurity. ticketing and data governance. IT-TRANS is the leading international conference and trade fair for intelligent passenger transport solutions, providing a unique platform for sharing expertise and developing new partnerships to actively shape the future of passenger transport.

Mobility in Karlsruhe

The future belongs to ecological and intelligent smart city concepts that combine mobility, sustainable energy systems and digitalization. In the Karlsruhe mobility region, leading partners from industry, research and the public sector have joined forces to master these highly complex challenges. The region offers the perfect ecosystem to promote innovation. The city has developed sustainable and efficient mobility systems that are flexible and demand-oriented and combine different modes of transport. Passengers can reach their destination - quickly, conveniently, safely and in an environmentally friendly way - even across the border into Alsace in France. Innovative mobility solutions such as the tram-train system developed and successfully tested in Karlsruhe are used throughout Europe and worldwide.