Well connected: Networking at IT-TRANS

In addition to the international trade fair and the high-quality conference, IT-TRANS offers many additional opportunities to expand your network.

At our networking events, you will meet other experts and get to know the more acute ones in your industry.

The exclusive IT Family Dinner on Tuesday, 14.05.2024, and the entertaining Karlsruhe Networking Night on Wednesday, 15.05.2024, invite you to expand your personal network, make new friends and get to know the right people for your business.

Ticktes for both of the networking events will be available from spring 2024

Good to know: UITP (International Association of Public Transport) connects more than 1,900 members from over 100 countries. We invite you: Get to know UITP and its organization better at IT-TRANS. Take advantage of the opportunities offered to you in Karlsruhe.

The perfect introduction: the IT-TRANS Pre-Event

Network, exchange ideas, enjoy: This is what the industry get-together on the night before IT-TRANS, the PTV Pre-Event, offers. The evening is an opportunity to get in the mood for the exhibition and conference in a special atmosphere.

The Pre-Event on 13 May 2024 is organised by the PTV Group.

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Networking at the highest level: IT Family Dinner Night

At the IT Family Dinner, conference participants, exhibitors and visitors of IT-TRANS meet in an exclusive atmosphere.

Accompanied by a selected range of drinks and food, the first day of IT-TRANS can be ideally reviewed and contacts can be made for the future. A carefully arranged accompanying programme ensures the right mood. Let yourself be surprised and take the opportunity to come together with the relevant participants of IT-TRANS.

The IT Family Dinner is supported by Trapeze.

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Celebrating successfully: Karlsruhe Networking Night2022

On the second evening of IT-TRANS, exhibitors and visitors have only one destination, the Karlsruhe Networking Night. Over a drink, the events of the day can be taken up, at dinner the ideas can be thought further in a relaxed way. Day two of IT-TRANS ends with music and the opportunity to dance. With the right mood and best temper everyone is ready for the final day at IT-TRANS.

The Karlsruhe Networking Night is supported by INIT.

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