Exhibitors list IT-TRANS 2024

Here you will find an overview of the exhibitors who will be present at IT-TRANS 2024. The exhibitor list is continuously actualized

IT-TRANS 2024: The Leading Trade Fair for Innovations in Public Transport

IT-TRANS 2024 is a significant event for professionals and enthusiasts in the field of public transportation. As the leading trade fair for innovations in information technology in the transport sector, IT-TRANS 2024 provides a unique platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and solutions.

Exhibitor List: One of the standout attractions of IT-TRANS 2024 is the extensive exhibitor list showcasing the latest technologies and services from industry leaders. From established companies to emerging market players, the exhibitor list offers a variety of solutions shaping the future of public transportation.

Product Directory: In the comprehensive product directory of IT-TRANS 2024, visitors will find a variety of solutions and services aimed at improving the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of public transportation. From fleet management software solutions to innovative ticketing systems, the product directory provides an overview of the latest developments in the industry.

Start-Up: A special focus is placed on innovative start-ups that are revolutionizing the transportation sector with fresh ideas and disruptive technologies. IT-TRANS 2024 provides these start-ups with a unique opportunity to showcase themselves, attract investors, and form partnerships to advance their visions.

Job Exchange: Furthermore, IT-TRANS 2024 serves as an important platform for career opportunities in the field of public transportation. The job exchange offers professionals the opportunity to learn about current job openings, meet potential employers, and establish valuable contacts for their career development.

Overall, IT-TRANS 2024 is an essential event for anyone interested in the future of public transportation. With a diverse exhibitor list, a focus on innovative start-ups, a comprehensive product directory, and a job exchange, the trade fair offers a unique opportunity to stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the industry and to make important connections.