Click & collect – shop while you travel

Today, around 20 per cent of all passengers use the time spent travelling for online shopping. According to McKinsey, mobile commerce is due to become the second-largest income source in autonomous vehicles by the year 2030. Enroute is an Israeli start-up that allows mobility providers to monetise the time people spend travelling. It creates and uses a triangle between customers, retailers and mobility providers. Customers interact with the personalised and location-based shopping platform and order from retailers. The mobility provider then gives them the commission they earn in the form of travel credit.

This is an active way to use the journey. But streaming films, checking emails and shopping online requires a reliable data connection. The vehicle chassis often severely weakens external signals, meaning that passengers struggle to stay connected. onway WiFi features an antenna that improves reception in the vehicle. Passengers can purchase upgrades that give them greater bandwidth or data volume, or allow them to use the service for longer.

Please note: The IT-TRANS exhibition 2020 will not take place as a live event in Karlsruhe. UITP and Messe Karlsruhe are transforming IT-TRANS to an interactive event community platform, where exhibitors will also be present.