17 Nov 2022

Current challenges are driving the traffic turnaround

Representative survey commissioned by the digital association Bitkom

"Climate, costs and the Corona pandemic are driving the mobility turnaround" – that was the news headline published by Bitkom research end of October. In a representative survey of more than 1,000 people aged 16 and older, Bitkom research investigated how mobility habits of Germans have changed during and since the Corona pandemic. According to the analysts, people consider themselves ready for a new form of mobility - however, they still seem to lack the appropriate offers and a digitally supported transport infrastructure.

Some results of the survey:

  • 96 per cent stated that they had made decisive changes in their mobility habits for various reasons (climate crisis, 9-euro ticket, increased gas price, concerns about being infected with the Corona virus).
  • a majority of 55 per cent in average are dissatisfied with the existing public transport services, with the dissatisfaction increasing from big cities to the countryside.
  • 89 per cent of respondents were convinced that new mobility offers can impove the quality of life in rural areas and contribute to climate protection.

Most interesting, people are increasingly willing to use autonomous vehicles. Depending on the means of transport – autonomous taxi, bus, driverless underground and tram or shuttle, between 66 and 71 per cent would hop on. At the same time, many doubt that there will be corresponding offers in Germany in the short to medium term: Around half do not expect any autonomous solutions in the next 10+ years.

You will find further information at https://www.bitkom.org/Presse/Presseinformation/Smarte-Mobilitaet-2022 (German language)