19 Sep 2023

Fake emails alert!

Phishing: Please carefully check the content and sender of dubious emails.

In the past few days, we have received reports of emails that are purporting to come from Messe Karlsruhe. The scammers…

- ask for account and payment data,

- offer data of other exhibitors, visitors or press representatives for sale or

- to sell entries in alleged exhibitor databases.

Messe Karlsruhe is stated as the sender and in the signature, but it is usually quickly recognizable from the e-mail addresses that such messages are spam or phishing.

We ask you not to answer such emails, not to send any data and, above all, not to open any attachments. If in doubt, we recommend that you contact us. The IT-TRANS team will be happy to answer your questions by phone. You can find our contact details HERE.