13 Oct 2021

Scheidt & Bachmann presents innovative software solutions at IT-TRANS 2022

With digital assistance functions in data management systems and intuitive use of public transport - Scheidt & Bachmann presents technologies that make public transport more efficient for transport companies and passengers at this year's IT-TRANS..

The focus is on FareGo 360, a data management system that supports transport companies in operating a sustainable fare collection system thanks to automated and personalised information. In addition, the system supplier will present its CiBo system, which enables passengers to check in and out easily via smartphone app.

FareGo 360: Excellence in operations

FareGo 360 provides transport operators with a 360° view of their fare collection system, by providing personalised information and assistance to every member of the operational team, when and where they need it. The software solution proactively shares information, including alerts and reminders, anticipating issues and opportunities based on the data in the system and beyond. FareGo 360 automates recurring tasks, spots irregularities and makes intelligent predictions. It streamlines processes and simplifies daily tasks.

Check-in/Be-out Ticketing App

Scheidt & Bachmann offers mobile ticketing with smartphones as a check-in/be-out solution: Passengers check in themselves via smartphone app when they start their journey. This allows for passengers to move without any barriers within the complete network – from bus to rail and back. The related best price calculations as well as all other processes are performed by Scheidt & Bachmann’s powerful account based backend system.

Visitors can learn more about the solutions at booth J3 in hall 1.

Scheidt & Bachmann: Trusted partner for intelligent ticketing systems

Scheidt & Bachmann provides transport agencies and their passengers with efficient, simple and convenient ticketing and comprehensive information systems. We are proud to continually provide one of the finest and most reliable business solutions in the industry that empowers transport authorities to optimise their decision making and increase efficiency. Being leaders of technical innovation we improve public transport services to satisfy our customers’ demand in an ever more connected world.